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America’s Wagyu Trail is a metaphorical road connecting nine ranches and farms, from Vermont to Montana to Indiana to Texas.

The owners and managers of these establishments are all committed to raising the incomparable Japanese cattle known as Wagyu — and raising its profile in the United States.



The Book

This book is about those men and women, the challenges they’ve overcome and the goals they hope to fulfill. It is also about Wagyu — its place in cattle history and on the plates of future consumers. America’s Wagyu Trail is a feast for the eyes that should set every reader on a course toward a more literal feast, one featuring Wagyu.

Written by J. Robert Britton and Steve PenhollowContributions by Pete Eshelman; recipes by Chef Aaron Butts; foreword by Mark Schatzker; photography by Kyle Miron.

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“This Japanese-derived beef, highly prized for its tenderness and taste, is making inroads in America, thanks to some steadfast visionaries who are willing to do what is necessary to raise it right.”



Joseph Decuis Wagyu Farm

Pete Eshelman Joseph Decuis Wagyu Farm Roanoke, Indiana After a brief stint as a minor league baseball […]

Cane Ridge Cattle Company

Landon and Lavinia Clay Cane Ridge Cattle Company Paris, Kentucky Located in Kentucky’s historic Bourbon County, […]

Thompson River Ranch

Clydene Bultman Thompson River Ranch Marion, Montana     Clydene Bultman’s dream was to return to […]

Lone Mountain Cattle Company

A successful Hollywood film editor, Bob Estrin was responsible for such classics as The Candidate and A River Runs Through It.

Marble Ranch

With an innovative dual-ranch strategy, Arturo Mateos-Bay has overcome every challenge he’s encountered on the way to establishing a prominent cross-border Wagyu operation.

Kings High Ranch

By specializing in the rare Red Wagyu breed, George Callen is blazing a new trail in today’s Wagyu industry. And his Kings High Ranch is putting tiny Turkey, Texas, on the map.

Clear Creek Cattle Company

Bill and Kay Dennis Clear Creek Cattle Company Ocala, Florida     Both progeny of Texas cattle […]

Spring-Rock Farm

Nestled in Vermont’s beautiful Green Mountains, Sheila Patinkin’s Spring-Rock Farm is a special place.


Wagyu Recipes

Wagyu Recipes

Steak Frites

Pulled Thai BBQ

Mini Burgers with Blue Cheese Mousse


Wagyu is the future


“Some have described Wagyu as the future of beef, but it is also a throwback of sorts in that those who raise it must take the utmost care.” 

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“Beef lovers who think there’s nothing new under the sun probably haven’t heard of Wagyu.”


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